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Thursday, April 6

Large Session – Linhart Hall

Patient centered approach in vascular access
Chair: M. Widmer, C. Lomonte

Epidemiology of factors influencing ERSD / Vascular Access
W. Meichelboeck (Germany)

Current scenario and status of hemodialysis and access in emerging economies / India / Southeast Asia
S. Jasuja (India)

Dialysis access in children
R. Ponikvar (Slovenia)

AV access in the elderly patient
C. Lomonte (Italy)

Staff’s role in vascular access creation and maintenance
M. Widmer (Switzerland)

Patient safety in vascular access planning and construction
D. Shemesh (Israel)

Facilitation of native AVF maturation
Chair: M. Malovrh, S. Shenoy

Pre-op mapping – state of the art
M. Malovrh (Slovenia)

Role of Angioplasty in vascular maturation and maintenance
K. Abreo (USA)

Juxta-anastomotic stenosis prevention – new techniques
S. Shenoy (USA)

Distal ulnar-basilic AVF – the second option of AVF
H. Kawanishi (Japan)

Too deep arteriovenous fistula and other difficult situations: What to do?
Chair: P. Bourquelot, S. Baktiroglu

Difficult cannulation and inadequate kT/V – the help of ultrasonography
S. Van Hooland (Belgium)

Transposition, elevation, lipectomy and V-Wing for easy needling
P. Bourquelot (France)

Surgical therapy of hand ischemia
V. Matoussevitch (Germany)

Anesthesia for vascular access surgery and endovascular interventions
D. Shemesh (Israel)

Salvage of failing access – surgery, percutaneous procedures
Chair: K. Abreo, J. Tordoir

Physical examination of a vascular access
K. Abreo (USA)

Micronized paclitaxel eluting balloon in AV fistulas: APERTO Italian Registry
M. Tozzi (Italy)

Surgical thrombectomy and stenosis therapy
J. Tordoir (Netherlands)

Parallel Sessions – Kosovel Hall

Vascular pathology in CKD patients
Chair: P. Roy-Chaudhury, A. Remuzzi

Cardiovascular calcifications
M. Gallieni (Italy)

Mechanisms of vascular access stenosis development
P. Roy-Chaudhury (USA)

Hemodynamic shear stress, endothelial cell activation and intimal hyperplasia in hemodialysis vascular access
A. Remuzzi (Italy)

Chair: M. Gallieni, Ch. Lok

Optimization of dialysis catheter function
M. Gallieni (Italy)

Safe catheter extraction
P. Quaretti (Italy)

When to use catheters?
C. Lok (Canada)

Local hemodynamics of vascular access
Chair: N. Inston, J. Buturovic-Ponikvar

The Science of Vascular access failure made simple
N. Inston (UK)

Beneficial systemic effect of an arteriovenous access?
J. Buturovic-Ponikvar (Slovenia)

Chair: R. Roca-Tey, J. Ibeas

Twenty years of vascular access flow surveillance, where we are now?
N. Krivitski (USA)

Ultrasound, something more than surveillance: From intimal hyperplasia to calcification
J. Ibeas (Spain)

Arteriovenous access monitoring and surveillance according the new Spanish Guidelines
R. Roca-Tey (Spain)

Friday, April 7

Large Session – Linhart Hall

Which access for which patient – interactive, case based
Panel and Chair: M. Widmer, I. Davidson, L. Langhoff Clausen, C. Lok

Introduction: Which access for which patient: bringing evidence into practice
L. Langhoff Clausen (Denmark)

Access selection influenced by diverse patient factors and wishes
I. Davidson (USA)

Clinical cases discussion

AVG and AVF complications: aneurysms, pseudoaneurysms, bleeding
Chair: P. Balaz, I. Davidson

Aneurysm of vascular access – definition, classification and type of treatment
P. Balaz (Czech Republic)

Acute arteriovenous access bleeding
I. Davidson (USA)

Late breaking clinical trials/new perspectives

Biological grafts – Humacyte
J. Lawson (USA)

New Dialysis Access Options with an endovascular AV Fistula system: Results of the EASE study
T. Berland (USA)

Results of phase III clinical trial data on vonaponitase in 300 patients in radiocephalic AVFs
T. Lee (USA)

Hand ischemia and infection: two specific vascular access problems
Chair: J. Tordoir, C. Lomonte

Non-invasive diagnosis of hand ischemia
J. Malik (Czech Republic)

Arterial disease and vascular access
S. Baktiroglu (Turkey)

Vascular access related nerve compression syndrome
J. Tordoir (Netherlands)

Catheter related bacteremia and biofilm. When to give antibiotics?
C. Lomonte (Italy)

Signs of A-V access infection – surgeon’s explanation to non-surgeons
S. Baktiroglu (Turkey)

Parallel Sessions – Kosovel Hall

Endovascular interventions – challenges
Chair: C. Hohl, B. Leskovar

Role of Stent/stent grafts in Hemodialysis Vascular Access
K. Abreo (USA)

Re-stenosis of AVF or AVG – when is the time for stentgraft?
C. Hohl (Germany)

The help of ultrasonography during endovascular therapy
T. Sato (Japan)

Shifting the Paradigm for Dialysis Access: Latest Clinical Experience with the everlinQ endo-AVF
D. Rajan (Canada)

Organization of VA care and puncturing vascular access
Chair: M. van Loon, M.T. Parisotto

Organization of vascular access care
M. van Loon (Netherlands)

Plastic cannulae instead of needles
M.T. Parisotto (Germany)

The controversy of buttonhole
M. van Loon (Netherlands)

Why starting a national vascular access registry
G. Welander (Sweden)

Patient Centric Vascular Access Innovation
P. Roy-Chaudhury (USA)

Video session on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis access
Chair: M. Gallieni

Videos presented by: I. Davidson (USA), N. Pirozzi (Italy), S. Shenoy (USA), D. Shemesh (Israel)

Heart and circulation in CKD patients, high-flow AVF
Chair: J. Rotmans, M. Kusztal

What to do with vascular access after successful kidney Tx? (relation with cardiac burden of arteriovenous

J. Rotmans (Netherlands)

Changes of access flow and cardiac output during HD
N. Krivitski (USA)

Cardiovascular implantable devices and vascular access – strategies to overcome problems
M. Kusztal (Poland)

Anticoagulation therapy in ESRD patients
J. Buturovic-Ponikvar (Slovenia)

Gadolinium contrast agents – are they really safe?
H. Malikova, (Czech Republic)

Heart failure and vascular access in CKD patients – current knowledge
J. Malik (Czech Republic)

Saturday, April 8